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When you plug in your phone before climbing into bed each night, you expect to wake up and find it fully charged - not too much to ask, right?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen when using the basic charging cable your phone comes with or others found on Amazon.

But many don't realize that technology has come a long way, and rotating magnetic phone chargers have completely changed how we juice up our favorite devices! Check out why you should ditch your wimpy charging cable, and get yourself one of these state-of-the-art charging cables:

The cables that come with your device typically begin to fray after only a few months

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Stop Using Your Wimpy Charging Cable

The charging cables most companies pack in with their devices feature only a thin layer of rubber, which typically frays around the connectors after a few months of regular use.

To avoid this issue, it’s wise to replace your current charging cable with one that was designed to survive thousands of twists, turns, and bends.

Our Solution: When purchasing a new charging cable, always look for products made out of braided nylon, as this material is resistant to splitting and breakage, making these cables more durable than other standard phone charging cords. By investing once, you can avoid replacing your cables regularly and continue using the same charging cables after you’ve upgraded your devices.

Your wimpy charging cable can only charge one type of device, causing your bedside to become a tangled mess

Pick an electronic device of your choice, and the odds are about 90 percent that it’s charged via USB cable. Your smartphone, your tablet, and even the popular gaming controllers are all charged by a USB cable. While this charging method has proven efficient, this improved power delivery has also come with its own set of problems.

Specifically, the “universal” standard of charging is no longer actually universal. There are now multiple types of charging formats including USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and Micro USB. And that’s only mentioning the most popular formats!

Why We Suggest Whippy Charge: With a tested 10,000+ bend lifespan, Whippy Charge's nylon braided charging cord is incredibly durable. It features a one-of-a-kind material that is stronger and thicker than other cables without adding too much weight.

Why We Suggest Whippy Charge: Whether ‎you use a Lightning iOS device, USB-C Android, or Micro USB device, Whippy Charge can rid your bedside of cluttered cords, allowing you to charge each device with one highly resistant charging cable.


Our Solution: It may seem virtually impossible to use a single USB cable for charging all your devices, but there is one super easy solution. Rotating magnetic charging cables provide you with multiple magnetic tips, allowing you to charge almost any device.

Using your phone while charging it with a normal cable is awkward and will eventually ruin the cable

We all know how annoying and awkward it can be, trying to use your phone while it's charging. You have to hold it just right so your charging cable won't bend too much or, even worse, fray right before your eyes. 

Basic charging cables don't protect your phone's charging port and can even cause permanent damage

The frequent use of the regular charging cables that come with your Android or iPhone can cause the port on your phone to become worn out.

In extreme cases, irregular or improper use can even cause catastrophic damage to your device.

Our Solution: Rotating magnetic charging cables feature magnetic ports that attach to your phone and have the ability to protect the components underneath from drops, dust, water, and other harmful conditions. 




Our Solution: This is where rotating magnetic chargers earn their name! These cables feature charging heads that can be rotated 540 degrees, 360-degree rotation + 180-degree head rotation, to make charging more convenient while also using your device.

Why We Suggest Whippy Charge: With this durable cable, you can easily stream movies, play video games, and text with friends without bending and/or damaging the cable. 


& Get a Rotating Magnetic Charging Cable Instead



Rotating magnetic chargers provide safer and simpler charging options

Fumbling around to find your charging port in the dark or risking your safety to plug in your phone while driving are things of the past when you purchase a rotating magnetic charger.

The charging cable's USB-C or Lightning attachment fits discreetly into your device's charging port, and once in place, the strong magnetic cable will effortlessly connect to the attachment, reducing fiddly, frustrating, or awkward connections while you are on the move or relaxing at home.

Why We Suggest Whippy Charge: Whippy Charge's magnetic attachments will stay safely connected to your phone, thanks to the cable’s strong magnetic connection, for the easiest, most reliable charging experience out there.


If you’ve ever had to replace or repair a phone due to dirty or damaged charging pins, then you know how important this is!

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5 Shocking Reasons You Should STOP Using Your Wimpy Charging Cable & Get a Rotating Magnetic Charger Instead